PENTAGRAM Dashboard Pad G1552-02S Grey Smaller Shape of G1503

PENTAGRAM Dashboard Pad G1552-02S Grey Smaller Shape of G1503
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Spydee Sticky pad, Holds your mobile phone, sunglasses and other stuff.
Even while crazy driving.
Safe, durable, no magnets.
Washable, works for years!
Great gadget for every driver.
The latest version of G1503. Instead of two Gecko logotypes: imprinted and embossed ones, there is only one Ė embossed. Dimensions of a pad have been slightly scaled down.
The Gecko logo is more intimate and discreet. A smaller dimensions makes it easier to fit any dashboard size. A beautiful shape of G1503 Ė the most freqently chosen pad with its own logo, has been preserved.
Pad dimension 144 x 88 x 2.7 mm

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How does it work?
Gecko is a self-sticking pad to be attached on a dashboard. You can place on it your mobile, glasses, practically any accessories made of various; porous and non-porous materials. Itís amazing sticking power make all of them attaching firmly in position and even during sport-like driving manouvers they would not slip off. Due to Gecko you will always have what you need handy !!!
Gecko pad does not contain magnets nor any glue. Itís miraculous sticking properties are owed to application of a unique polymers mix and Extreme Hold technology. Due to these factors Gecko pad is recognised as an unbeatable product with such a magical sticking power.
The unique blend of polymers and a specific technology of moulding contribute to a very smooth, flexible on one hand and compact and durable surface on the other. Thanks to itís properties Gecko pad is able to suck into any piece of accessories; a mobile set or a pair of glasses. Gecko pad responds in the best way to objects which have flat and non-porous surfaces, the bigger and firmer surface the object can stick to the pad Ė the stronger bond it creates .
Materials which are firmly held by Gecko pad are as follows: metals, plastics, glass (a vast majority of mobile sets can perfectly stick to the pad), art and laminated paper (is use at most of parking vouchers)
The materials which are not perfectly held by Gecko pad are Ė wood, rubber and cardboard
Attention! Once the pad gets dusty and becomes less sticking you should wash it with luke-warm water and immediately regains itís miraculous properties!
Attention! For a safety reasons never ever place the pad where air bags are fitted!!!
Gecko pad is a multi-purpose and multi-use product . You can rinse and wipe it once itís dirty for many, many times. We guarantee perfect operating properties for at least 12 months on. For details please see the instruction enclosed.

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