Cherry GENTIX DESKTOP Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (Everything a keyboard and mouse should be) - Black - JD-7000GB-2

Cherry GENTIX DESKTOP Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (Everything a keyboard and mouse should be) - Black - JD-7000GB-2
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Ergonomic design: Integrated palm rest, low overall height
High quality standard: Made for sturdiness, durable key inscription
Easy to use: 3 sturdy support feet, 10 Office and multimedia keys, 3 integrated status LEDs
Ingenious product features: Wireless 2.4 GHz technology (with a range of up to 10 m), battery life up to three years, integrated battery status indicator, symmetrical six-key mouse with adjustable resolution (1,000/2,000 dpi), Plug & Play
Batteries for Keyboard (2 x AAA) and Mouse (2 x AAA)
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Everything a keyboard and mouse should be ...
It should be chic. Offer good quality. It has to be durable. And of course, budget-friendly. Here it is, our new all-rounder among the desktop sets: The CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP. It is the perfect fusion of the popular CHERRY GENTIX Mouse with an uncompromisingly matching keyboard - both wireless! So if you've held the CHERRY GENTIX Mouse in your hands before, you already know: Working with GENTIX products feels good and enhances your desk in every way!
... and with a special look for design lovers.
Like the CHERRY GENTIX Mouse, the CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP is very generously equipped for the price level. It convinces those who take pride in their workspace aesthetics. The semi-transparent, translucent design of the wrist rest is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. We also made sure that it not only looks good but is also ergonomically up-to-date. The CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP is, therefore, the first choice - even for limited budgets.
What matters is not only WHAT but also HOW you type.
As with all CHERRY products, one thing is of critical importance with our keyboards: a good typing experience. This also applies to our CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP. You will feel it when you type for the first time - the keys move smoothly and have the optimal pressure point. The arrangement of the keys and the key spacing are just right.
Integrated status LEDs and multimedia buttons
The three status LEDs for caps, num, and scroll lock integrated directly into the keys are also practical. And once you have them, you won't want to be without the 10 multimedia keys. You quickly get used to the lock, browser, mail, and calculator functions.
With the CHERRY GENTIX mouse, you can go back and forth with a click of the thumb.
Thumb buttons, do you need that? YES! Anyone who once had a mouse with thumb buttons doesn't want any other mouse. With the wireless mouse from the CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP set, you can easily navigate the Internet using two thumb buttons. You determine how fast the pointer moves across the screen: with the pointer speed's two-stage setting. Of course, we have retained the unique, tapering shape of the CHERRY GENTIX Mouse in the wireless version as it fits hands both large and small perfectly.
Stability with a long service life.
Many users who have been working with CHERRY keyboards and mice for a long time know: We keep our promises! Quality and stability are incredibly important to us. This is why the CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP keyboard has three, instead of the usual two, rubberized feet. In combination with the generally stable construction, the CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP stands rock-solid on your desk. Nothing slips - regardless of whether the feet are folded out or not. Another decisive product feature is the palm rest, which provides comfortable support when typing for a long time. It is a defining design component and, at the same time, makes everyday life easier.
Experience more freedom via wireless independence.
Unpack and you're done: Thanks to plug & play, the wireless keyboard/mouse combination is instantly ready for use and does not require any software. If you still want to make adjustments, you can use the free CHERRY KEYS software to reprogram the additional keys and F keys according to your own preferences. Fans of wireless freedom can look forward to a battery life of up to three years. Because in addition to design and ergonomics, we also have user-friendliness and the environment in mind.
CHERRY GENTIX DESKTOP, mouse and keyboard - 10 reasons which make it a good choice:
Proven CHERRY technology
Chic and ergonomic design
Integrated palm rest
Flat height
High-quality standard thanks to robust construction
Durable key labeling
3 stable feet
Wireless 2.4 GHz technology (up to 10 m range)
Battery life up to 3 years and integrated battery status display
Symmetrical 6-button mouse with switchable resolution (1,000/2,000 dpi)

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