Spire WristPad - SP-MP04

Spire WristPad - SP-MP04
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Why use a WristMat?
In order to place your hand on a generic “flat” mouse, it needs to be lifted slightly from the wrist, so that the palm is at an angle relative to the forearm. This provides a continuous load on the muscles that need to lift the wrist. In addition, this produces an increase in pressure in the carpal tunnel (this is a area in the wrist, where the afferent blood vessels and nerves of the hand pass through).
A supportive wrist-mat in combination as a mouse pad can provide a solution to one or several of the aforementioned factors. The wrist-mat supports the wrist so that it can rest and effortless
control the mouse. Gel pads are a good choice because they take the natural shape of the wrist, provide cooling to the wrist and are simply comfortable.

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The name discloses already what this product is, the Spire WristPad is a new ergonomic product which supports your arm, elbow and wrist when utilizing the mouse for many hours a day. Made out of soft cellular foam and gel pack the WristPad is a great product for any type of computer such as PC system, Net-station, laptop or even tablet PC.All part of a more healthy and ergonomic computing product line, Spire will roll out more products which will make your long hours of computing work more comfortable.
Smooth tracking surface for great mouse precision
Gel pack comfort zone for extra wrist support
Elevates arm position which reduces neck strain
All arm comfort and support, shoulder, elbow and wrist
Reduces stress and the risk of "tennis arm"
Part of all ergonomic office idea

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