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MobCharger - Samsung
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Display Cards are in strips to hold 15 cards so if you are ordering for display purposes - ask for a display card if you don't have one
Mobcharger is fitted with a model - specific plug. No need for cumbersome adaptors
Mobcharger is constantly being updated to adapt to newdevelopments within the mobile phone market. At present, according to a recent survey, around 40% of mobile phones sold in Europe are Nokia with Samsung making up for around 24% of the market, while Sony Ericsson and Motorola share almost 16%.
Is Mobcharger environmentally friendly?
Yes, Mobcharger is a zinc-carbon battery containing no mercury, lead or cadmium. It will not leak or corrode. It can be disposed of with all household waste and does not pose a fire hazard.
Will Mobcharger damage my mobile phone?
Mobcharger will not harm your mobile phone at all. However, it is not intended to completely replace your electric phone charger. To optimise use of your Mobcharger, you should have charged your phone fully at least once in it's life and you should continue, periodically, to fully recharge your phone using a conventional phone charger.
You should not leave Mobcharger connected to your phone for longer than 30 minutes.
How long can I keep a Mobcharger?
Mobcharger has a shelf life of five years. Once used for roughly 90 minutes of talk time or 480 minutes standby, or connected to your phone for a full hour, your Mobcharger will have used up its battery and should be disposed of.
Do I have to leave Mobcharger connected to my phone while using it?
Yes. Once connected, Mobcharger will start sending power to your phone almost immediately. If you wish to receive or make calls/texts/photos, you should leave the Mobcharger connected. You can disconnect after using your phone and store your Mobcharger away until the next emergency.
Is Mobcharger effective with all mobile features and technology?
Yes. As soon as you are connected, you will be able to use your mobile phone as usual but you should be aware that, as with your usual charger, battery life will be affected by high power features such as digital camera, video and colour screens.
How do I know if Mobcharger is suitable for my phone?
Mobcharger is available for all the main models manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Eriksson. To be certain that your model is included, check the display card or visit It should be noted that Mobcharger is not equally effective withall models.Standby and talk time will vary accordingly. Mobcharger will continually adapt as new models are introduced.
If my phone is damaged, can I still use Mobcharger?
Mobcharger will take longer to work on a damaged or old cellular phone battery. It will experience problems connecting with a damaged port.
My Mobcharger does not appear to be working?
You may have used up all your talk time. Try reconnectiing the Mobcharger and squeezing lightly at bottom of battery. You may have a damaged cellular battery or phone port. Once connected to your phone, you should see it charging up almost immediately. If this does not happen, try reconnecting at various angles and squeezing lightly at bottom of battery, as before. If your cellular phone battery has run down completely, it will take Mobcharger a little longer to power it up. But you should have battery power within a few minutes.
Do I leave my cellular phone battery in the phone while using Mobcharger?
How do I optimise my use of Mobcharger?
To get the most out of your Mobcharger, use it to make or take a call, then disconnect and keep for next emergency. Use sparingly for high power features such as video, digital camera or web-based activities and be aware that analog zones use about five times more power than digital network signals.

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- Mobcharger is an emergency mobile phone charger designed to provide instant power to a depleted phone battery
- Just plug it in to your mobile, then continue talking, texting, taking photos, playing games.
- Mobcharger is an innovative new solution to an increasingly common problem how to charge a phone battery when there is no electricity available.
- The Mobcharger can be carried in handbags/pockets/ briefcases so there are no more emergencies.
- Up to 90 minutes talk time or 480 minutes standby.
- Mobcharger does not replace the mains charger and only works on phones, which have been normally charged in the past.

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